Frequently Asked Questions - Agency360
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions we receive and their answers.

Common Software Questions

Can we customize the system to fit our specific program or training model?

The Agency360 software is designed to incorporate the most common models of field training.  Customizing the Agency360 FTO Software is simple and requires almost no technical skills to adapt the software to match your internal field training program.  Because it can be customized so easily, there are few limits to the types of field training that can be tracked.

Can we track our service calls during training?

Yes. Tracking call types is super easy and detailed statistics are available in real-time. These stats can be easily accessed from a variety of different devices.

Can we still print out a binder for each trainee?

Yes! The difference is that the binder that used to take hours to produce is available at a touch of a button.  You can export your data and any form or all forms anytime anywhere in a PDF format.

Can I compare trainee performance?

Absolutely. Knowing how each trainee is performing relative to their peers is an important feature of field training software. It allows you to assess not only individual candidates, but also field trainers and the field training program, in general.

Can my trainees evaluate their FTO?

Yes, evaluations are available within the system for a variety of individuals you may want to critique.

Can I use the software on laptop, mobile, and tablet?

Yes, our software is responsive! This means you can use the software on devices out in the field.

Does this software help with accreditation?

You betcha! Our software can be configured to enforce your policies and procedures. Standardize your FTO program with the Agency360 platform and instantly create a secure and trackable process.

How secure is your system?

High level encryption, secure logins, and even a Tier IV data center (the highest possible), are just some of the ways we have worked to make our system safe. Our protocols and procedures are similar to what banks use to let you access your information online. Over the years we have found that our security tends to be stronger and more thorough than most municipalities.

Customer support is very important to us, how is your support handled?

Support is very important to us as well!  We have various support options to fit your needs, and even our basic packages come with a support option.  Contact support, access the user guides and knowledge base,  request features, and vote on your favorite request all from our community portal.

Will non tech savvy users be comfortable with using the software?

Our program is the easiest to use field training program available. We have worked hard to make the system very simple following the K.I.S.S. principle.  Most users find that if they can fill out a paper report, you can use our software. Contact us to schedule a demo and judge for yourself.

Common Billing Questions

Do we have to by more licenses if we add a new trainee or extra trainer to the system?

Nothing.   There is no individual user licenses with our field training software.  You can use it on as many computers as you like until your term expires.   Being web-based you can use the program at the station, in your car, or even from home.

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