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Would You Like to Move Your Agency into the 21st Century?

Would You Like to Move Your Agency into the 21st Century?

Agency360’s Improved Cloud-based Field Training Software


Agency360 is excited to introduce the most modern field training platform on the planet. This new version helps organizations meet the expectations of the current generation with an improved experience on any device and state-of-the-art features. Agency360’s software is designed to give coordinators and training officers an easy to use, standardized field training program with instant access to each trainee’s strengths and weaknesses. With increased visibility of trainee progress, Agency360 can help ensure you can take corrective action before deficiencies become a problem.

To our hundreds of current customers, your advice and feedback has been so helpful as we developed this new version – thank you! We strive to give you the tools you need to plan, track and improve your department’s field training program. Field training sets the foundation and future for your new hires – something that we are passionate about supporting. Good field training creates an improved culture for all members of your department, new and old alike.

Why You Should Implement Field Training Software

A field training program not only acts as a defense against liability, but also communicates the expectations and necessary skills to be an effective employee. Efficient field training software can help create a first impression that communicates your organization’s culture and sets the tone for the employee’s career.

If you are relying on paper to track your program, many challenges can happen, including a limited ability to address training issues in a timely manner and be proactive in preventing problems. The cumbersome nature of manual paperwork makes it a hassle to track down information and ensure that a trainee’s file is complete. Efficiency is reduced because of the time it takes to collect, sort and manage all the documentation. Coordinators then find it hard to see the big picture. They can look like they’re out of touch in front of their superiors when asked about the status of a trainee or the overall group, especially on short notice. Improving your field training program can improve the quality of your trainees, reduce the amount of time spent on documentation, and boost team morale.

Agency360 is Better Than Ever

Have you ever wanted to submit daily reports right from your patrol car or a remote office? Have you wanted to customize your program without any technical headaches? Do you need to produce reports that properly reflect the status of individual trainees?

Well, now you can do all of that and more. Here are some of the updated capabilities of Agency360 that we are most excited about:

  • Centralize your documentation and get real-time access to a trainee’s performance on any device, anywhere.
  • Tailor the program to the way you train or create additional programs for new supervisors or other positions.
  • Get detailed reports to identify trends and weaknesses in your program and defend your decisions.  

The best part? We have additional updates in development all the time, and because Agency360 is a cloud-based application, there is no heavy lifting on your part. Once your department upgrades to this new version, you’ll have real-time access to your data, and we can support you with ease.

Need to Upgrade?

If your department has not recently upgraded to the latest version of Agency360, then we want to talk with you. Scheduling a time to request the upgrade is easy by setting up a quick call with Rachael at Agency360 right on her calendar. We look forward to telling you more.

You can also always email your questions to:  support@agency360.com.