Agency360 is on a mission to make it easier for public safety organizations optimize their workforce.

Matt Molter,
An Officer and a Computer Programmer

 Our Mission Is To Develop Modern Solutions To Help Public Safety Agencies Do More With Less.

Have You Ever Thought To Yourself “I Love This Job, But Hate The Paperwork”?

Like most folks who enter this industry, I became a police officer because I wanted to help people. But once on the job, I found that a lot of my time was spent not with heroic actions, but instead with cumbersome, inefficient tasks. After not finding any suitable options to address my frustration, in 2006 we decided to do something about it by creating this company.

With the support of many colleagues and experts in the public safety field, the goal was to create a sustainable, state of the art platform to make your day-to-day job easier. We quickly realized that many of these issues are not just problems Police & Sheriff departments face, but also 911/Communication Centers, EMS, Fire Departments, jails and prisons, private security, even Federal law enforcement.

Although our company and customers have grown a lot since then, our mission and values remain the same. We are a team of experts and believers crafting the next wave of public safety software. With our advisors, trusted experts, and thousands of users, we are working together to build the perfect system for agencies large and small.

Matt Molter, Founder & CEO